Go Green!
Wheatgrass Wonder

I have shared with you a bit about my past health struggles. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia about 15 years ago. I was not sure what that meant. Essentially I was given a label or “titles” for the SYMPTOMS I was struggling with. I already knew the symptoms, I didn’t need a fancy name for something I was going through. Chronic Fatigue? YES, I  was persistently exhausted, tired, fatigued. Fibromyalgia?  Essentially that is, “fibro” (Latin word meaning fibrous tissues) “Myalgia” (pain in the muscles or group of muscles). The word literally means pain in the fibrous tissues and muscles. Well, I knew I was tired and sick all the time and hurt like hell! But what was the CAUSE?  Doctors don’t know what the cause is, they just know there are many people who struggle with these symptoms, so they give it a name. It’s a mystery. They treat the symptoms, but not the cause, because they don’t know the cause. There are many theories, but they just don’t fit every case. What I love about Holistic Medicine is that it is a practice that treats the whole person. It looks for root causes and works towards healing, not just treating a group of symptoms.




 characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
      characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.
It has been a rocky path. I am grateful I am on the road to recovery. Discovering the power of nutrition was my life saver. Food is medicine.
Along with changes in my diet, I have also made many changes to my lifestyle. There is so much to learn, but what I do know is you cannot treat just the body, you have to treat the Mind, Body and Spirit.  I have had to work hard to eliminate as much stress as possible in my life. You cannot escape stress, but you can eliminate certain things that no longer serve you, and manage how you react to it. For starters, I quit drinking, the best thing I ever did in moving my healing process forward. I have removed foods from my diet that I know exasperate my symptoms. I use hypnotherapy, prayer, meditation and moderate exercise. However, if I were to name the single, most powerful thing I have added to my healing regime, it would be JUICING! Specifically Green Juice. Juicing has changed my health in an unimaginable way, it has essentially eliminated my chronic, wide spread inflammation.
It’s funny how the Universe works. When you are open to receive healing, you will receive! I had just been given a new masticating juicer for my birthday from my sweetie. I then saw a 7 day juice challenge on Facebook.  I liked to juice (mostly fruit) but I wanted to get more serious about it. So I signed up and started the challenge. Within THREE days I realized I didn’t hurt all over! I had energy like I had not had in YEARS! I had been healing for awhile, feeling much better, but this was exactly what my body needed to take my healing to the next level.
When you juice, your body is able to absorb all the nutrients immediately. Your digestive system doesn’t have to break down the food, it is absorbed directly into your bloodstream, ready to go to work! Antioxidants, phytonutrients, anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins and minerals, delivering healing power straight to your system! Remember, Food is Medicine! My daily serving of green juice is MY MEDICINE, and it can be yours too. Pictured above is a juice mixture I made up of wheatgrass ( I grow my own, it’s super easy) ginger, turmeric and parsley. Those are some powerful detoxifying ingredients. You may want to start off on something a little less powerful. Work your way up. Here is a recipe to get you started!
2 handfuls of spinach
2 handfuls of kale
1/2 cucumber
1 stick of celery
1 cm turmeric (or 1 tsp powdered)
1 cm of ginger (more or less to taste)
1 red bellbepper
1/2 small beetroot
1 carrot
filtered water to taste
Juice up, Enjoy! Let me know how it goes!!

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