Do you believe in yourself? Do you have the confidence to pursue your dreams? Do you believe you can achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to? I certainly hope so.

Sometimes we get caught up in just “getting by”.  Life gets pretty hectic.  So many things to do just to get through each day. How do you move those dreams to reality?  Setting an INTENTION is the key to manifesting  the life you want. I think we can all agree, nothing worth having comes easy.  We have to apply ourselves to achieve greatness.  We are all worthy of greatness!

There are many steps you can, and should take in pursuing your goals. Here are a few

  • LIVE IN AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE– It is so easy to look at all the things that are wrong in our lives. How about getting rid of that “stinkin thinkin”. Keep a gratitude journal. Every night simply write down all the things you have to be grateful for. It really puts things in perspective. No matter who you are, or what you have, you will struggle with problems, that’s life. I guarantee if you sit down and start writing all the blessings in your life, you WILL BECOME GRATEFUL. It will turn that frown upside down!
  • VISUALIZE LIVING YOUR DREAM- Imagery is a powerful tool. Spend just five minutes a day visualizing yourself living the life you always dreamed of. What does it look like? How does it feel to live the life of your dreams? Go deep. Think about where you are, who you are with, what are you doing.  Make it as real as possible.
  • CLEAR THE CLUTTER– When you are holding on to the old, , you will have no room e room for the new. Clear the clutter and make room for new blessings in your life. Make an effort to remove people, places and things that no longer serve you. Choose your relationships wisely, as you can only rise as high as your tribe!
  • LET GO OF EXPECTED OUTCOMES-You may think you know how your dreams might manifest themselves, but the Universe works in amazing ways. Don’t get caught up in a expecting a specific outcome, such as a your dating partner, dream job or home. Trust and faith are required here! Trust the Universal Higher Power to bring you unexpected surprises.
  • FEEL GOOD NOW– Don’t wait to be happy, enjoy today! Be happy NOW, be positive. Life is a journey, enjoy the ride!
  • LET GO OF THE PAST– Live in the moment. Don’t dwell on the past, it is done. We cannot change the past, but we can learn from the lessons of yesterday. Those lessons help shape the future we want. That also means letting go of worrying about the future. If you are doing the next right thing, you are doing all you can.
  • USE AFFIRMATIONS-Affirmations are a powerful tool to reprogram your subconscious mind. Writing down a list of empowering beliefs that empower your goals and dreams will bring them to life. Affirmations like; I AM ENOUGH, I AM STRONG, I AM LOVED, I AM DIVINELY GUIDED, I AM ON MY PATH TO GREATNESS, I AM PERFECT THE WAY THAT I AM. Make sure you feel them as you say them.
  • LIVE IT – Don’t wait,  dress for success now, put your best foot forward. If your dream is to find the love of your life, you have to get out there and meet people, socialize, date, live it up!  If you dream of traveling to foreign countries, start now by exploring your own city and attractions.
  • VISION BOARD– My favorite tool! Above is a picture of my recent vision board. A vision board is a visualization tool  used to build a collage of words and pictures that represent your goals and dreams. The best way to achieve your goals is to keep them at the top of your mind, so you’re always looking for ways to move yourself closer to them – a vision board is the perfect tool to help you do that. You can be as creative or as simple as you like. Recycle! Look for a used cork board at your local thrift store. (I used a picture frame I found at a thrift store) You can simply pin images of what you want to manifest to your board, when it manifests, simply remove it and put up a new goal. Keep a spot for your dreams that have manifested, it is very empowering when you see all your accomplishments pile up!



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