Are you as healthy as you would like to be?  Or, do you feel tired all the time? Do you have pain that won’t go away?  Allergies, brain fog, digestive issues, unwanted fat, unstable blood sugar, imbalanced cholesterol, or fragile immune function? That is a short list of “ailments” many are struggling from. Sadly,  if you are like most Americans, you suffer from at least one of these symptoms.  What research is proving, is that all of these ailments can be a direct result of your diet. I’m sure you have heard the old saying,”You Are What You Eat”.

Like most Americans, when you feel ill,  you probably turn to your Doctor for answers. I know I did, for years!  With no results.  Your Doctor is going to look at your symptoms as a possible disease process.  He or She will run a battery of tests to see if there is any evidence to support  a diagnosis of a “disease” (usually caused by your diet). If they find an issue, say pre-diabetes, they will prescribe an appropriate medication to  treat your symptoms.  That is the typical pattern.  Another symptom crops up, another medication. How many medications are you taking?  Is this the best way to spend your money?  I think not. While I never want to undermine the importance of a Doctor’s role in health care, they are not trained to look at the root cause of disease. Doctors are trained to treat the symptoms.  If you were in a car crash, had a heart attack, or experience any life threatening condition, you want a darn good Doctor to save your life. But how do we prevent illness from starting in the first place?

The truth is,  if you are suffering from poor health, the best way to invest your hard earned dollar is to put your money where your mouth is.  Invest your money in the farmer, in WHOLE, ORGANIC, NUTRITIOUS FOOD, not traditional medicine.  Do you put much thought into what you put into your body?  You really should take a hard look at our food supply.  Chances are, the answer to what is ailing you is in your pantry, fridge, and your favorite restaurant.

Today, I want to share a video that I believe will BLOW YOUR MIND….and quite frankly should make you angry.  Please take the twenty minutes  it take to  watch this presentation by Robyn O’Brien, “Foods Erin Brockovich”.  It is  a little lengthy, BUT SO WORTH YOUR TIME. You really deserve to know the truth about……

Why Our Food Is Making Us Sick



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